•  NIDA-Funded Research Projects (FRP) that are supported by CDAR
    # PI Funding Source Title Status Plan for year 3 Research Support  Core
    1 Lopez P50AG005133 Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center New/On-going

    (1 manuscript prepared)


    Continue A,C
    2 Lopez P01AG025204 Vascularmoderators of the Impact of Alzheimer’s Pathology in the Oldest-Old New/On-going

    (1 manuscript submitted)

    Continue A
    3 Li R01HL083365 Role of Ubiquitin in Cardiovascular System New/On-going Continue A
    4 Dong R01 DA023206 Cocaine-Induced Adaptation in NMDA Receptors On-going

    (1 manuscript prepared)

    Continue A, B
    5 Dong R01DA034856 Homeostatic Regulation and Dysregulation of Cocaine Craving On-going Continue A, B
    6 Sorkin R01DA014204 Dopamine Transporter Regulation by Endocytosis On-going

    (1 paper published and 1 under


     Continue A, B
    7 Torres R01DA038598 Interactions of Dopamine Transporter with G protein beta-gamma Subunits On-going  Continue B
    8* Wenzel U10HL098177 *Asthmanet: Phenotypic influences on asthma treatments On-going Continue C
    9* Wenzel U10HL109152 *Implications and stability of clinical and molecular phenotypes of severe asthma On-going

    (1 paper published and 1manuscript prepared)

    Continue C
    10 Wenzel U10HL109152 Roe of 15-lipoxygenase and PEBP1 in modulating the function of beta-adrenergic receptors On-going Continue B
    11 Blumberg ZIABC005270 Molecular Mechanism of Action of Phorbol Ester On-going

    (1 paper published)

    Continue A
    NIH Funded Program for Coordinating CDAR Enrichment Program Activities
    12 Kass R90DA023426 Interdisciplinary Training in Computational Neuroscience On-going  Continue A, B, and C
    13 Wang R01CA142580 Development of Small Molecule Inhibitors of Protein Kinase D New initiated Continue A
    14 Sweet MH071533 Plasticity of Auditory Cortical Circuits in Schizophrenia New initiated Continue A
    15 Xiao P01HL07544311 Novel Mechanisms and Therapies in Heart Failure New initiated Continue B
    16 Torregrossa CDAR Pilot Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II (CaMKII) on the mechanisms of relapse in cocaine addiction New initiated Continue B
    17 Amara ZIAMH002946-03 Structure, function and pharmacology of neurotransmitter reuptake systems New initiated

    (1 accepted and 1 under review)

    Continue B
    * Although these projects are NHLBI-funded, asthma research lies within the scope of NIDA-funded research.